Our Story


Peculiar People Designs was founded on 1 Peter 2:9.  As born again believers, the Word of God says we're a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people. Peculiar means we are God’s possession and His alone (yes, we're sometimes viewed as odd, but that's not actually the case here). We've been chosen, preserved, purchased and saved by the blood of Jesus, Amen! It's because we're peculiar, and so grateful, that we can't help but to wear our faith boldly and shout out His praises!

So with that, it’s our mission to take our love of the Lord and put it into creative designs, displaying His power and glory.

Our goals are:
-to supply quality apparel with captivating designs, based on scripture.
-to create designs that sprinkle seeds and create witnessing opportunities.
-to provide fun ways for our family in Christ to meet other believers, meditate on the word, renew their minds and strengthen their faith.

Why buy from us? I'm glad you asked!

-We are a family business, all cheerful and diligent tithers and givers (as is our church) so your money is staying in the kingdom, supporting your family in Christ and, ultimately, helping to spread the gospel. With that in mind, why spend your hard earned money at faceless, big corporations that (most likely, if you do research) conflict with Christian values? 

-Our stuff is awesome!.. We're not bragging; all praise goes to the Lord for His creative ideas working through our personalities and talents (if it was ALL Him, this stuff would be WAY better!.. Let's just call it good; our stuff is good). 

-All designs are created by us and printed in the USA!

We are just peculiar, passionate believers in Jesus, here to share the power of the word, and the goodness of the Lord. We LOVE connecting with fellow believers so be sure to follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook; you'll be the first to know about our special deals and blessings!