Digital Design License


All of our files include a Commercial License for Small Business Use. 


With this license you ARE allowed to: 

  • Use any files purchased, for both personal and commercial use.
  • Use our SVG PNG EPS DXF files as is, or modify them, to create physical products for personal use or for sale.
  • Upload our original designs, or your modified versions, to Peculiar People Designs in order to request for quote for our printing services.

With this license you ARE NOT allowed to:

  • Make our images or designs available for digital download, resell, share or redistribute them as is or modified, in digital form.
  • Alter or edit JPG mockups in any way, other than removing tags or cropping.
  • Upload our files, or elements from them, onto any “print-on-demand” web sites other than Peculiar People Designs (that would be considered sharing the file). If you need printing services for our original designs or your modified versions, please submit a request for quote.

NOTE: This is limited to products with no existing trademarks relating to the purchased designs. It’s highly advisable to research your text and design trademarks. For example, if there is a current trademark valid specifically on shirts that say “Good Vibes Only”, it is not recommended to use a “Good Vibes Only” design from Peculiar People Designs on your shirts to sell for profit. In the event of a dispute over your products and the trademark holder, Peculiar People Designs will not be held responsible, as we do not delegate which products the purchaser uses the purchased design on.