About Us

Hello, Travis and Melody here, welcome to our online boutique print shop! As a hubby-wifey team we’ve combined our talents, quirkiness and total obsession of making t-shirts, to bring you Peculiar People Designs.  

It all began in 2017 with a simple love of screen printing, mostly printing custom tees for groups. In 2020 the boutique was formed when we started customizing personalized aprons for the baking community. As the boutique has expanded, we’ve embraced the art of digital printing, allowing us to bring you the highest quality prints, singularly or in bulk, using commercial grade equipment and a whole lotta love.

What we do.

As a print house, custom printing is our specialty. Everything from a single personalized item, to custom logo tees, to wholesale merch, to your own branded goods, it’s all printed in house, made to order, just for you. Whether you’re an individual, a group, or a small biz, we've got you covered! 

As a boutique, we love providing fun, novel designs that let you be the star. We want to see YOU shine. You’ll find lots of color options, style choices and multiple levels of customization throughout the shop, making it easy to create or express whatever wonderfulness that makes you, so you. 

Our commitment to you.

We're fueled by a passion for printing and a love of creating one-of-a-kind products you'll be excited to gift, wear or merchandise. Many of our items were created as personalized gifts for our own friends and family, and we continue to pour that same love and care into every single product we make. 

We hold high standards and work hard to deliver you the highest quality prints. We guarantee that our ink prints will never lift, flake or peel. If you ever experience an issue, we’ll gladly replace it! 

Whether you're looking to gift it, wear it, sell it or brand it, we’ll make that perfectly printed item just for you. Go ahead, start by browsing our shop, heart your faves, and be sure to reach out to us with any questions!

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Designer - Curator

Melody has an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoys designing, photography and occasionally attempting to bake something sourdough.

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Print Master - Designer

Travis has an intuitive knack for design and placement, enjoys printing, technology and occasionally playing a round of golf.